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Manganese Sand
Manganese Sand
Manganese Sand
Manganese Sand

Manganese Sand

Manganese sand filter material use Chinese high quality manganese placer with characteristics of high grain density high mechanical strength high chemical activity not easy to break and insoluble in water etc. Whatsapp+8618695245206

Product Details

Manganese sand for filter material is black brown, nearly round, the main ingredient is manganese dioxide, the content is between 35%-45%. It use Chinese high quality manganese placer with characteristics of high grain density, high mechanical strength, high chemical activity, not easy to break and insoluble in water, etc.
Manganese sand final products are after washing, grinding and removing impurities, crushing, drying, magnetic separation, screening, dust and other processes.Then the processed manganese sand is blended according to a certain grade.It has the optimal gradation ratio of water treatment filter material, so that it has the maximum specific surface area per unit volume, the strongest sewage interception ability, the maximum oxidation catalysis and the minimum backwash loss rate.


Parameter Unit Specifications
Size mm 0.6-1.2, 0.5-1.0, 1.0-2.0, 2.0-4.0, 4.0-6.0mm
MnO2 % 25-65
SiO2 % 17-20
Fe % 10-20
MnC2 % 10-20
Proportion g/cm3 3.4
Bulk density g/cm3 2.2
Clay content % 3
Hydrochloric acid soluble rate % <3.5


Manganese sand filter material is used to treat groundwater with simple process convenient operation low project cost long-term stability service cycle of more than 5 years easy to manage without adding any chemical agents can achieve the purpose of removing iron manganese arsenic and other harmful substances in water it is a very good groundwater treatment filter material.


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