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Columnar Instant Recarburizer
Columnar Instant Recarburizer
Columnar Instant Recarburizer
Columnar Instant Recarburizer

Columnar Instant Recarburizer

High quality graphite instant columnar recarburizer with low price The raw materials for graphite products produced by our company are strictly in accordance with national standards and industry standards. Whatsapp+8618695245206

Product Details

Graphite instant columnar recarburizer refers to the change of molecular structure of carbon products through high temperature or other means and has a regular arrangement. This molecular arrangement has a wider molecular spacing of carbon, which is more conducive to decomposition in molten iron or molten steel. Graphite instant columnar recarburizers currently on the market generally come from two sources, one is the scrap cutting of graphite electrodes, and the other is the graphitized product of petroleum coke 3000 degrees.

Parameter Unit Specifications
Size mm 5.0±1
Fixed Carbon % 95 min.
Sulphur % 0.05 max.
Moisture % 0.5 max.
Ash % 2.5 max.
Volatile Matter % 2.5 max.


1. The particle size is moderate, the porosity is large, and the absorption speed is fast.
2. The chemical composition is high in carbon, low in sulfur, extremely harmful, and has a high absorption rate.
3. The graphite structure of the product is good, and the nucleation ability of the original molten iron is improved. In the gestation, the number of ink balls of ductile iron is increased, and the graphite crystal nucleus is added to the iron of the electric furnace. Refine and homogenize the distribution of graphite in the casting.
4. Performance is stable. The selection of suitable recarburizer can help reduce smelting production costs, improve the quality of smelting metals and castings, and allow smelting of metal plants and casting.


1. Graphitization carburizing agent is a good carburizing agent for smelting.
2. After deep processing graphitized carburizer can be used to produce negative materials for Li-ion batteries and stabilizers.
3. Also Graphitization carburizing agent is one kind of high-end refractory.


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