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Nutshell activated carbon
Nutshell activated carbon
Nutshell activated carbon
Nutshell activated carbon

Nutshell activated carbon

Nutshell activated carbon is a collective term for all activated carbon prepared from nutshells and core products mainly including coconut shells apricot shells date shells peach shells walnut shells etc. Whatsapp+8618695245206

Product Details

Nutshell activated carbon types
Nutshell activated carbon is a collective term for all activated carbon prepared from nutshells and core products, mainly including coconut shells, apricot shells, date shells, peach shells, walnut shells, etc.
1. Coconut shell activated carbon: Coconut shell is used as raw material, and it is refined through a series of carbonization and activation production processes. It is widely used in water purification and gold extraction industries.
2. Apricot shell activated carbon: Using high-quality apricot core skin as raw material, refined through carbonization and activation production process. Due to its low cost, it can be used to replace coconut shell activated carbon as the raw material for manufacturing T33 post-filter elements.
3. Jujube husk activated carbon: The high-absorption activated carbon is refined and processed by drying, carbonization, and high-temperature steam activation with the husk of Chinese jujube as the raw material. It is an ideal material for filling water purification equipment.
4. Peach shell activated carbon: using northern wild peach shells as raw materials, refined with advanced production technology equipment, strong adsorption, no harmful organic or inorganic substances, widely used in household water purifiers, drinking fountains and power plants In water treatment projects such as petrochemicals, factories, hotels, and various refreshing beverages in cities with serious drinking water pollution have better water treatment effects.
5. Walnut shell activated carbon: a new type of activated carbon water purification material made from wild walnut shells through a series of processes such as selection, carbonization, burning, and screening. It has microporous dirt-carrying power, oil, and suspension. It has the characteristics of a high removal rate and is especially suitable for the treatment of industrial oily sewage.

Index of nutshell activated carbon

Name Testing index Name Testing index
Iodine value 800-1100mg/g Density 1.8-2g/cm3
Adsorption rate of benzene ≥450mg/g Bulk specific weight 0.45-0.55g/cm3
 Intensity ≥90-95% Total hole volume 0.7-1cm3/g
Ash ≤5% Specific surface area 900-1100m2/g
Methanian blue values 100-150mg/g PH value 8-10
Size 6-24meshes Moisture ≤10%



Nutshell activated carbon application field
1. Water treatment application: Nutshell activated carbon is widely used in drinking water domestic water beverage water plant power plant boiler water industrial pure water purification and also used in the purification and purification of various industrial wastewater which can effectively remove water Organic matter peculiar smell residual chlorine phenol mercury iron lead arsenic chromium silica gel cyanide and other harmful substances can effectively remove odor and color.
2. Home decoration application: Nutshell activated carbon can effectively absorb formaldehyde toluene ammonia and other toxic gases generated during the home decoration process to purify the room air.
3. Decolorization application: The product uses high-quality apricot shells as raw materials. The decolorization rate is higher than other granular activated carbon. It has a strong adsorption capacity for macromolecules in the pigment. It is mainly used for decolorization in the beverage industry such as citric acid. This product has filtration The advantages of fast speed and a small amount of input are convenient for operation in the production process.
4. Catalytic carrier application: The product uses fine coconut shell as raw material the appearance is irregularly broken charcoal non-toxic and odorless large specific surface area high mechanical strength uniform and stable particle size and low impurity content. It is widely used in high-purity gas-liquid Used as a catalyst carrier in the petrochemical industry it can also be used for desulfurization and deodorization in the petrochemical industry.
5. Winemaking field: The product is made of fine coconut shell as raw material adopts advanced production technology and equipment and is refined by a special process. It is black granular tasteless non-toxic has less impurity content good adsorption and purification effect and filtration speed. Fast and other advantages it is specially used for the purification aging removing turbidity peculiar smell and various pigments of wines removing bitter substances in wines and improving taste.
6. Exhaust gas treatment application: The product uses high-quality fruit shells as raw materials and has a reasonable gap structure. It is widely used in the purification of toxic gases exhaust gas treatment paint mist adsorption etc. For gas treatment in chemical petrochemical coking environmental protection and other industries and for SO2 chlorobenzene octane ethylamine dimethyl benzene cyclohexane methyl ether olfactory hydrogen sulfur dioxide selenium carbon chlorine Purification and treatment of industrial harmful gases such as ethylene methanol acetone and nitrogen oxides.
7. Application of desiccant: The product uses excellent coconut shells and fruit shells as raw materials. After high-temperature activation and a special pore size adjustment process it has a large specific surface area and a rich medium and micropore structure which can effectively remove all kinds of peculiar smell odor and moisture in the packaged product. For packaging storage transportation and other processes the effect of moisture prevention and deodorization is obvious. In addition to the strong water absorption characteristics of ordinary desiccants, it also has the ability to deodorize and deodorize. This is its duality and it is also other like silica gel lime powder etc. What desiccant can't do? Activated carbon desiccant is widely used: mainly used in food clothing tea medical treatment leather machinery electronics electrical appliances instruments and other fields to absorb water dry prevent moisture and deodorize.


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