Nonionic polyacrylamide
Nonionic polyacrylamide
Nonionic polyacrylamide
Nonionic polyacrylamide

Nonionic polyacrylamide

Nonionic polyacrylamide features: 1 Water solubility it can also be completely dissolved in cold water. 2 Add a small amount of nonionic polyacrylamide which can be affected by the * large flocculation effect. Generally only 0.01 Whatsapp+8618695245206

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Nonionic polyacrylamide features:

1, Water solubility, it can also be completely dissolved in cold water.
2, Add a small amount of nonionic polyacrylamide, which can be affected by the * large flocculation effect. Generally, only 0.01 to 10 ppm (0.01 ~ 10g / m3) can be added to make full play.
3, Simultaneous use of nonionic polyacrylamide and inorganic flocculant (polymerized sulfate, polymerization aluminum chloride, iron salt, etc.), can show greater effects.

Instructions :
1, when used, nonionic polyacrylamide is formulated into an aqueous solution of 0.1% concentration to use a neutralized water containing water.
2, when dissolved, nonionic polyacrylamide is uniformly spread into the stirred water, and the stirring is controlled at 100 to 300 rpm. Adjustably heating (<60 ° C) can accelerate dissolution.
3. Adjust the PH of the treated liquid to make the nonionic polyacrylamide to function (select the appropriate PH and dosage by test.)
4, When the nonionic polyacrylamide solution is added, the mixing of the treated liquid should be accelerated, and the flocculation is increased, the stirring is slowed, and the growth and acceleration of the flip condensate.

Nonionic polyacrylamide Packaging and Storage:

Non-ionic polyacrylamide products are packaged in 25kg lined plastic bags, which can also be packaged according to user needs.
Dry powder products have a shelf life of 2 years, and long-term treading will absorb the moisture, which should be stored in a cool and ventilated dry place.

Cationic polyacrylamide index

Type Content% Molecular weight (10,000) Hydrolysis% Residual
Anionic (powdered) ≥88 800-2000 15-30 <0.5 60
Anionic microcaruts ≥33 600-1200 20-30 <0.5 <3
Non-ionic microcaruts ≥33 300-1200   <0.3 <3
Anion colloid 7-10 300-1000   <0.5 60
Cationic (powdered) >90 400-1200 Cationic5-30 <0.5 60
Polypropylene foundate (powdered) >90 >1500     60


Nonionic polyacrylamide application range:

1 Nonionic polyacrylamide as a flocculant mainly used in industrial solid-liquid separation processes including sedimentation clarification concentration etc. The use of polyacrylamide and inorganic flocculant polyuminum aluminum sulfate etc. the effect is better in acid wastewater treatment.
2 Nonionic polyacrylamide in the papermaking industry can be used as paper dry strength renovation filter fillers can increase the quality of paper quality cost savings and improve the production capacity of the paper mill. The electrostatic bridge can be directly used in the inorganic salt ions fibers and other organic polymers to achieve the physical strength of the enhanced paper reduce the loss of fibers or fillers speed the water enhance reserve and filter function can also be used The treatment of white water while the flocculation effect can be made during the de-deinking process.
3 Fiber mud (asbestos - cement products) can improve the molding of the molded asbestos - cement product improve the strength of the stone cotton blank; in the insulator plate the binding ability of the additive and the fiber can be improved.
4 Nonionic polyacrylamide in mining coal-coated industries can make mine wastewater washing coal wastewater clarification agents.
5 Nonionic polyacrylamide can be used in dyeing wastewater leather wastewater oil-containing wastewater which makes it turbid delivers to achieve emission standards.
6. In pure phosphoric acid nonionic polyacrylamide contributes to the separation of gypsum in wet phosphoric acid.
7. Non ionic polyacrylamide can be used to treat flocculant with water plants of river water sources.


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