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Columnar activated carbon
Columnar Activated Carbon
Columnar Activated Carbon
Columnar Activated Carbon
Columnar Activated Carbon

Columnar activated carbon

Columnar activated carbon(Pellet cabon Pelletized activated carbon) is also called extrude activated carbon columnar activated carbon and cylindrial activated carbon. According to different materials pellet activated carbon is classified two types: Whatsapp+8618695245206

Product Details

Columnar activated carbon description 

Columnar activated carbon(cabon pellet, activated carbon pellets) is also called extruded activated carbon, columnar activated carbon, and cylindrial activated carbon. According to different materials, columnar activated carbon is classified two types: wood type and coal type. They are the products what made of powdered nuts shell, woods or anthracites added tar as adhesive after carbontization and activatation, and the appearance is black columnar.


Columnar activated carbon classification

They are include coal-based columnar activated carbon and wood columnar activated carbon (wood includes coconut shell and wood).


Wood columnar activated carbon

The coconut shell columnar activated carbon is made of fine wood chips, nuts shell or coconut shell, etc. through crushing, mixing, extrusion, molding, drying, carbonization and activation. Compared with traditional coal-based columnar carbon, it has advantages of lower ash content, less impurities, and higher CTC absort value, etc.

Mainly used:
1. Gas phase adsorption.
2. Recovery of organic solvents (benzene series gas toluene, xylene, recovery of acetone in the cellulose acetate industry, recovery of CS2 in the production of viscose staple fiber, etc.).
3. Removal of impurities and harmful gases.
According to the experimental data of Baiyun Carbon Co., Ltd., 4mm activated carbon has a CTC adsorption rate of 60%, not more than 70%, while the produced 4mm wooden pellet activated carbon has a CTC adsorption rate close to 100%.

Coconut shell pellet activated carbon index
Size(mm) Moisture(5%) strength(%) Ashes(%) Benzene adsorption rate(%) CTC adsorption value(mg/g) Packing density(g/l) Fire point(℃) Particle size(mm)
3.0 ≤5 ≥95 ≤7 ≥35 ≥80 400±20 380±30 φ3.0
4.0 ≤5 ≥90 ≤7 ≥40 ≥90 380±20 380±30 φ3.0
5.0 ≤5 ≥90 ≤7 ≥45 ≥100 350±20 380±30 φ3.0
6.0 ≤5 ≥95 ≤7 ≥35 ≥80 400±20 380±30 φ4.0
7.0 ≤5 ≥95 ≤7 ≥40 ≥90 380±20 380±30 φ4.0
8.0 ≤5 ≥95 ≤7 ≥45 ≥100 350±20 380±30 φ4.0

Coal based pellet activated carbon

The coal-based pellet activated carbon is made of fine anthracite as raw materials, after series processes. And it has the appearance of black cylindrical particles; it has a reasonable pore structure, good adsorption performance, high mechanical strength, easy repeated regeneration, and low cost. For the purification of toxic gases, waste gas treatment, industrial and domestic water purification, solvent recovery, etc.

Coal-based pellet activated carbon index

Index unit 1.5 2.0 3.0 4.0
Iodine adsorption value mg/g 500/1050 500/1050 500/1050 500/1050
Carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate ≥% 50/70 50/70 50/70 50/70
Moisture ≤% 10 10 10 10
Ashes(Burning residue) ≤% 8/15 8/15 8/15 8/15
Abrasion strength ≥% 80/90 90/95 90/95 90/95
Bulk specific gravity g/l 450-650 450-650 450-650 450-650
Particle size mm 1.5 2.0 3.0 4.0

Columnar activated carbon feature

Columnar activated carbon advantages:

Coconut shell columnar activated carbon has advantages of lower ash content, less impurities, gas phase adsorption value, and higher CTC adsorption.
Coal columnar activated carbon has the advantages of developed void structure, large specific area, strong adsorption capacity, high mechanical strength, low bed resistance, good chemical stability, easy regeneration, and durability.
The pore size distribution of the product is reasonable to achieve greater adsorption and desorption, thereby greatly improving the service life of the product (average 2-3 years), which is 1.4 times that of ordinary coal-based carbon.
Applicability of columnar activated carbon:
①Gas phase adsorption;
②Organic solvent recovery (benzene series gas toluene, acetone recovery in the cellulose acetate industry);
③Removal of impurities and harmful gases, and recovery of waste gas;
④Recover excess gasoline in refineries, gas stations, and oil depots;
⑤Used to catalyze the removal of HCl from tetrachloroethane on activated carbon to prepare trichloroethylene.


Columnar activated carbon for exhaust gas treatment
Columnar activated carbon for waste gas treatment is made of high-quality Taixi anthracite and Shanxi coal as raw materials which are processed through strict processes such as crushing carbonization activation and refining. It has the characteristics of large specific surface area developed pore structure reasonable pore publication strong adsorption capacity uniform particle publication and high abrasion resistance. It is used for the purification of chemical raw material gas chemical synthesis gas pharmaceutical industrial gas carbon dioxide gas and hydrogen for beverages nitrogen chlorine hydrogen chloride ethane cracked gas inert gas etc. and the purification of atomic facility exhaust. It is also used to remove pollutants in the air as well as the separation and purification of mixed gases.
Columnar activated carbon for sewage treatment
Columnar activated carbon for sewage treatment is made of high-quality anthracite as raw material through crushing carbonization activation and refining processes. The gap structure is reasonable and can effectively purify domestic sewage and chemical sewage.
Activated carbon for desulfurization and denitration is cylindrical particles with dark black appearance. All high-quality carbon raw materials are used and a certain proportion of binders and promoters are added. It is made by selection proportioning crushing molding drying carbonization activation and deep processing. It has high activity large porosity large sulfur capacity high desulfurization efficiency and high mechanical strength. Good water resistance low gas resistance easy to regenerate and not easy to break under high pressure. This product is mainly used for the removal of H2S in various gases such as biogas water gas semi-water gas coke oven gas natural gas carbon dioxide gas city gas synthetic ammonia process gas and chemical raw material gas.
Columnar activated carbon for solvent recovery
Solvent recovery treatment activated carbon using high-quality natural coal as raw material refined by physical activation method is black granular non-toxic odorless well-developed pores reasonable distribution of the three types of pores and strong adsorption capacity. It has more adsorption capacity for most organic solvent vapors in a wide concentration range and is widely used in the recovery of organic solvents such as benzene ether xylene ethanol acetone gasoline chloroform and carbon tetrachloride.
Columnar activated carbon for nitrogen generator/air separation equipment
The special activated carbon for PSA of nitrogen generator is made of high-quality coal as raw material which is made by crushing grinding kneading molding carbonization and activation. It has high mechanical strength regular shape uniform particle size large specific surface area and surface dust Few features large pores mesopores micro pores appropriate quantity fast adsorption speed and low bed resistance. It is suitable for the direct deoxygenation of inert gases such as nitrogen argon helium carbon monoxide carbon dioxide etc. It is widely used in nitrogen purification equipment and air separation nitrogen production equipment and is especially suitable for the post-purification and oil absorption of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production.


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