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Fiber Ball/Modified fiber ball
Fiber Ball
Fiber Ball
Fiber Ball

Fiber Ball/Modified fiber ball

Fiber ball filter material is made of polyester polypropylene or acrylic fiber which is a spherical filter material with good elastic effect. Whatsapp+8618695245206

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Fiber ball

Fiber ball filter material is made of polyester, polypropylene or acrylic fiber, which is a spherical filter material with good elastic effect. High-aldehyde-nylon is selected as the material, and the polyester yarn is shaped as the material. It does not float on the water surface with large gap, long working cycle and small head loss.The fiber ball filter material is made of fiber filament, which has the advantages of good elasticity, no floating surface, large void, long working cycle and small head loss compared with the traditional steel particle filter material.
In the process of filtration, the filter layer gap along the direction of the water flow gradually smaller, more in line with the ideal filter material from the upper and lower small pores published, high efficiency, filtration speed (20-85m/h) large filtration capacity, good filtration effect, renewable, with gas, water backwash, rinse water for 1-2% of the filtration water, suitable for all kinds of water quality filtration.The filling height of the fiber ball filter material is 120cm, and the fiber ball filter material naturally decreases by about 30cm after water intake.


Fiber ball index

Parameter Unit Specifications
Ball diameter mm 25, 30 or as your requirement
Ball appearance / White oblong-elliptic
Density g/cm3 1.38
Filling density kg/ m3 75-90
Filtration speed m/h 20-85
Cut the dirt ability kg/ m3 6-10
Surface m2/ m3 3000
Porosity % 96


Fiber ball filter material advantages and method of use:


Fiber ball filter material advantages and method of use:
Fiber ball filter material is tied together by fiber ball filter material it is compared with traditional filter material rigidity elastic effect is good not buoyancy of the water gap is big long working period the advantages of small heat loss.
The gap in the process of filtration filter layer along the flow direction gradually become smaller more in line with the ideal filter material by large under small porosity distribution thus forming the filter speed is a fast large capacity of sewage filtering effect is good renewable use repeatedly don't need to change entirely time etc.
Fiber ball filter material tiny interception precipitation can be difficult to remove. Filter speed ratio of traditional sand filter material 3.5 times higher can backwashing filter material regeneration which can realize automation management general filter speed of 30 m/h coarse filter water 100 mg/l 5 mg/l or less water pure water filter 20 mg/l 2 mg/l or less water.
Fiber ball filter material USES:
Fiber ball filter material widely used in oil field chemical industry electric power metallurgy etc of high water; Circulation the filter and wastewater recycling.
Fiber ball filter material using principle:
Performance and characteristics: this product selects high hydroformylation d nylon polyester silk as raw materials. With its surface from a large amount of biomass and oxygen filling sewage repeatedly exposed the suspended solids in the wastewater treatment and organic matter degradation and to achieve. Its characteristic is 1. The qualitative light intensity is high physical and chemical performance is stable durable. 2. Along with the water flowing silks gap between the filler variable is not easy to be a biofilm jam. 3. The specific surface area is a big strong activity with a good processing effect.
Fiber ball filter material performance indicators:
Analysis of test data analysis projects test data
Filter speed of 20-85 - m/h ratio surface area of 3000 m2 / m3
Sewage quantity of 6-10 kg/m gap rate was 96%
Ball diameter 25 + / - 2 mm 30 plus or minus 2 mm ball appearance white ball elliptical
Fiber ball main classification
Fiber ball consists of ordinary fiber and modified fiber ball.
Fine oily wastewater in oil fields will be modified fiber ball filter fine filter is also applicable to other industrial wastewater.
Modified fiber ball to remove oil and the mechanism of organic matter as direct interception inertial intercept and electrochemical adsorption. Filter water oil before 15 mg/L or less suspended 10 mg/L or less; Water quality after filtration oil 5 mg/L or less suspended 2 mg/L or less.
Modified fiber ball surface by modification treatment the oil and the adsorption ability of organic matter; Modified fiber ball new ligation runtime filter layer porosity decreases along the flow direction to form the ideal filter material on the small pore distribution state filtering effect is better; Filter speed is high up to 25 to 30 m/h. It fills about 10% per year without replacement. The biggest difference between the modified fiber with ordinary fiber ball in and so a difference in textile dyeing poor polymer-modified fiber bundle made of fine hydrophilic hydrophobic oil in the oily sewage treatment has a good effect and high precision easy to wash the advantages of the long cycle is widely used in oilfield petrochemical processing printing and dyeing industry wastewater treatment.
Fiber ball filter material market demand
Fiber ball filter material is in recent years the development of better water treatment packing in our country from the point of application field there is a big difference between China and the rest of the world. The application of fiber ball filter material are mainly concentrated in water treatment and the oil industry.


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