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Calcined Anthracite Coal
Calcined Anthracite Coal
Calcined Anthracite Coal
Calcined Anthracite Coal

Calcined Anthracite Coal

Coal Carbon Additive also called Calcined anthracite Coal Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal Carbon Raiser Recarburizer and etc. It is a product made of high-quality anthracite as raw material dry distillation at 1300 ℃. Whatsapp+8618695245206

Product Details

Calcined coal is divided into ordinary calcined coal and electric calcined coal. Ordinary calcined coal carburizing agent is also called calcined anthracite and gas calcined coal. It is mainly used for steel refining. In the process of steel refining, a small amount of carbon has been burned, and there are oxygen, sulfur, and phosphorus in the steel. After adding carburizing agent, on the one hand, the content of carbon in steel grade is increased, and the carbon in carburizing agent reacts with oxygen, sulfur, and phosphorus in steel, which can give play to the mechanical properties of steel.
Features and processing process: the main raw materials of the carburizing agent produced by the company are selected from Ningxia Taixi low ash, low sulfur, low iodine, and washed coal, which is calcined, crushed, and selected at high temperature [1250 ° C] in the calciner. In the process of use, it is smokeless, odorless, stable carburization, and high recovery rate. Performance: fewer impurities, high carbon recovery rate, and obvious effect. Usage: electric furnace, steel-making, and carburization. 
The main raw material of our coal Carbon Additive is using special high-quality Taixi anthracite in Ningxia, with characteristics of low ash and low sulfur. Carbon additive has two main usages, fuel and additive. When being used as the carbon additive of steel-smelting, and casting, the fixed carbon from 90% to 95%. 
Models Specifications(%)
F.C. Ash V.M. S Moisture
%(min) %(max)
CA--95 95 4.5 1.0 0.25 0.3
CA--94 94 5.0 1.0 0.25 0.3
CA--93 93 6.5 1.2 0.30 0.5
CA--92 92 7.0 1.2 0.30 1.0
CA--90 90 8.0 1.5 0.35 1.0
Size 0-1mm, 1-3mm,3-5mm,5-8mm, or at customer's option


1. They are used as reducing agents in the smelting process and as a carburizing agent in the electric arc furnace steel-making process.
2. They are used in smelting process induction furnace cupola duplex process ladle in front of furnace special steel making and ductile iron casting.
3. They can replace petroleum coke carburizing agent in steelmaking which can reduce enterprise cost and increase enterprise economic benefit. The chemical composition total amount of inclusions crystallinity and mechanical properties of the crystal structure of steel are not affected by coal-based carburizer.


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