Decolorization Treatment

2023-10-27 00:52:58

Adsorption technology is widely employed in the treatment of all kinds of liquids in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry, like glucose, oils and fats, seasonings and glutamate, wine, beer and juices.


Apart from decolorisation, activated carbon is used for removing dissolved organic compounds and for controlling odour and taste.

These applications predominantly use powdered activated carbons applied by the stirring or suspension technique and granular activated carbons by the percolation process.


Ningxia Baiyun offers wide range of products for different applications during the various stages of the production processes such as


  • Decolourization
  • Deodourization
  • Elimination of contaminants
  • Dechlorination
  • Deozonization


Some of the specific uses of these products are


  • Decolourise  sugar syrups, dextrose, fructose and other food products.
  • Decafenation of coffee and tea
  • Harmful compound removal from edible oils
  • Dechlorination and deozonization processes in soft drinks and beer industries
  • Decolourization and deodourization of glycerin
  • Remove unwanted taste and deodourization and/or decolourization of beverages such as: wine, beer, vodka etc.


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