Mental Recovery

2023-10-27 00:52:33

Mental Recovery

In Gold and Silver recovery processes, over 95% of the course carbon in service is steam activated coconut base carbon.
Ningxia Baiyun offers specially manufactured steam activated coconut shell base carbon grades which is manufactured using high quality charcoal by which produced from advanced high tech gasifier systems.

Its highly porous, has very large area and specific adsorption properties towards gold and silver. Its very high hardness gives low losses during metal recovery and makes it suitable for multi regeneration. High gold adsorption capacity , gold adsorption rate , attrition resistance, low platelet content, strict size distribution and desorption ability in an elution circuit of these products give lots of advantages in precious metal recovery processes. High-quality activated carbon is vital to the gold extraction operation. Using activated carbon of optimal hardness minimizes fines and recovers more gold.


Our special range of products benefit the gold recovery process through:

  • Accelerated adsorption kinetics
  • High capacity for loading gold
  • Extremely low soluble gold losses
  • Highly prescribed for 'preg robbing' ores
  • Exceptional resistance to attrition
  • Negligible level of carbon losses
  • Uniform activation of grains
  • Low rate of adsorption deterioration during regeneration cycles
  • Excellent dimensional porous shape prevents screen pegging and blinding
  • Minimal head losses
  • Optimized adsorptive reaction



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