How to choose powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon

2023-10-26 09:24:52

First of all, let's understand that powdered activated carbon can be divided into powdered activated carbon for water treatment, powdered activated carbon for medicine, powdered activated carbon for sugar, and industrial-grade powdered activated carbon. Granular activated carbon series includes coconut shell activated carbon and columnar activated carbon. According to the application, it can be divided into granular activated carbon for water treatment, granular activated carbon for air purification, granular activated carbon for refining, granular activated carbon for decolorization, granular activated carbon for catalyst carrier. Well, the same powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon that can be used for water treatment have different places. Which one should we choose when choosing a product?


Powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon for water treatment are different in appearance. 65-95% of the powdered activated carbon can pass through a 325-mesh sieve (44㎡), and more than 90% can pass through a 200-mesh sieve. Its density is 0.36-074 g/cm. between. In water treatment, both powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon play an important role. Powdered activated carbon has been widely used to remove color, odor, taste and trace organics from water. The dosage is usually 2-15mg/L. Powdered activated carbon has the advantages of short adsorption cycle, simple method, lower cost, and can be replaced at any time according to the strength of activated carbon, which makes its application in the water treatment industry at home and abroad continue to expand. The use of powdered activated carbon abroad to remove organic matter, color and odor in water has successful experience and good removal effect, and has invested in powdered activated carbon equipment. The price is cheap, the adsorption speed is fast, and it is a short-term burst of water quality. Strong adaptability to pollution. Granular activated carbon is used for advanced treatment of drinking water. It is usually used in conjunction with sand filters and is widely used in water plants. Used for solvent recovery, organic gas adsorption, catalyst carrier, etc. The use of PAC carbon is narrow, and it is usually used in the fields of decolorization, purification, catalyst support and so on.


Powdered activated carbon

Granular activated carbon The size of the activated carbon particles also affects the adsorption capacity. We all know that the smaller the activated carbon particles, the larger the filtering area. Powdered activated carbon has the largest total area and the best adsorption effect, but powdered activated carbon easily flows into the aquarium with water, which is difficult to control and is rarely used. Granular activated carbon is not easy to move due to the formation of particles, and impurities such as organic matter in the water are not easily blocked in the activated carbon filter layer. It has a strong adsorption force and is easy to replace.


Generally speaking, both powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon can be used for water treatment. Finally, the choice to use powdered charcoal or granular charcoal depends on the specific circumstances of the raw water quality and the condition of the waterworks.


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